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Meditation: Can It Help Diabetes?

by Ross Bryant
Diabetes is a disorder of sugar metabolism and is based on complex, fundamental changes in the cells of the body. Fortunately, the body is intricately connected with the brain so that, through practices like transcendental meditation, the brain can influence the way the body responds to sugar. The term holistic medicine refers to treating the person as a whole instead of simply focusing on a disease they may have or its symptoms, as is typical in western medicine. You go to the doctor and he or she prescribes some medication or possibly surgery, but a holistic practitioner will investigate all […]

Vitamins and Minerals for Blood Pressure?

by Ross Bryant
Vitamins: Add Plenty of Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium You should take a multi-pronged approach to ensure you get enough potassium, magnesium and calcium in your diet. Let’s cover each one individually so that you can see how it affects blood pressure and how you can add it into your diet. It’s advised that you take in 4,700 milligrams of potassium each day. Potassium is what counters the effects of salt in your body. How can you get more of this into your food plan? Choose among these foods that are rich in potassium: Mushrooms Bananas Potatoes (sweet and other types) Greens […]

Eggs and Your Cholesterol Levels

by Ross Bryant
In the not so distant past, eggs had a negative reputation for contributing to high cholesterol levels in the blood. Many people were convinced that eating eggs on a daily basis would lead to less than ideal heart health. Nowadays, the egg eating cholesterol debate has been deemed a myth. In the United Kingdom, an organization of major egg producers claim that individuals have continuously been given outdated information when it comes to the link between blood cholesterol levels and eating eggs. Evidence provided by the Royal School of Medicine in the UK offered specific evidence showing that dietary cholesterol […]