Messenger Bots start conversations,

Humans finish them

Thinking about starting a new type of conversation with your customers?

We help businesses create a conversation with their clients by developing, planning and implementing Facebook Messenger Bots. These human-like bots open up a conversation through automated actions that can help replace much of the initial conversation that businesses have with their customers. Messenger Bots do not replace human beings, but merely make their job easier to help future conversions take place. Types of media that can be sent in messages include:
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Links
  • Phone Numbers
  • Maps & Directions
They work by providing a customer a set amount of options that help solve the majority of customer inquiries. Based on their answers through manual replies or multiple choice buttons, they’re sent on a journey to help gather data from your customers to allow you to answer their query.
Messenger Bots also link to thousands of third-party apps through a Zapier integration, allowing you to send information directly to programs and apps that you use in your business such as:
  • Email marketing providers
  • CRM systems
  • Google
  • Customer Support Systems
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Call tracking systems
  • Human Resources & Management Tools
  • Project Management Systems & Tools
  • Social Media Channels
  • Plus Many more


  1. 100% Custom built bot flow – Mapped out to your specific needs and approval.
  2. Scriptwriting – We include copy for your script, with your input, and how your bot will interact with your audience. (through video – emojis – photos)
  3. Bot personality! – We can give your bot some sass and a good sense of humor or keep it on the straight & narrow. Whatever works for your business and your brand, we help bring to life.
  4. Artificial Intelligent Business – We create artificial intelligence to answer some of the most commonly asked questions by customers.
  5. Easy Accessible – Main Menu that allows your audience to navigate the bot to frequent options. It’s a persistent menu that is always available to the user.


Everything included in the Fundamentals Bot Build package, plus:

  1. Zapier Integration – Allowing you to send or receive data from over 1,000 programs and apps to your bot. We include one ‘Zap’ such as collecting email addresses or sending data to booking and sales systems.
  2. Website Integration – This allows you to continue to use your current website and funnel your visitors into your Messenger bot to help with customer service, sales, FAQ, estimates, and appointment scheduling.
  3. Multiply Subscribers – We setup Customer Growth Tools (limited to 3) to grow your subscriber base by implementing your bot around the web and make it easy for customers to access and use it any time.

  1. We take care of changes and updates to your bot so the information is always up to date.
  2. Basic Broadcasts that help retarget current Messenger Bot subscribers to get more sales from your audience. These timely messages are specific to your audience and are similar to an ‘email blast’ but the open rates at generally over 90% and the action-take rates are phenomenal.
  3. You will receive detailed monthly reporting on your bot performance, which flows are working and advice on any adjustments to your bot strategy.

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