Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Base Kit Vs Venus Factor: Comparison

country-heat-autumn-calabreseLosing weight isn’t always an easy feat - from hard-to-follow workouts to strict eating regimes, getting rid of excess weight sometimes looks just too challenging. However, the rising popularity of working out from home created a whole trend of weight-loss programs that are supposed to make exercise more accessible, and losing weight a more realistic goal for anyone who wants to put in some effort.

That’s why there are so much different weight-loss programs, and one of more interesting is definitely Autumn Calabrese’s Country Heat Base Kit, a workout program based on line dancing, which helps you lose weight while dancing to your favorite country songs, and eating strictly portioned out food.

Even though dancing to tone your body can be fun, the results are not that certain, as when the weight loss program is based on science, like The Venus Factor Diet. The combination of low-impact exercise and a healthy eating plan in this weight loss program are specifically designed to increase the level of Leptin, a hormone present only in women’s bodies, and the one responsible for hardships with burning fat that we all encounter.

When compared, which one of these two weight loss programs will give you better results?

Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Base Kit

The Venus Factor Diet

What does it include:
What does it include:
  • 6 workouts on 3 DVDs
  • Country Heat Eating Plan
  • 30-Day Workout Calendar
  • Quick Guide
  • 7 Portion Control Containers
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • The complete 12-week workout program (36 different workouts)
  • The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist software
  • The Venus Factor 12-week Fat Loss System Manual (diet guide)
  • Access to private online Venus Factor community
  • Quick Start Guide
Recommended food:
Recommended food:
  • Shakeology (trademark protein shakes)
  • Lean meat
  • Fruits (not all)
  • Vegetables (not all)
  • Healthy Fats
  • With Venus Factor Diet, there are no restrictions when it comes to eating- you’ll learn how to combine foods to maximize weight loss without sacrifice!
Equipment you’ll need:
Equipment you’ll need:
  • None for the workouts, but you’ll need portion containers to measure out the food you’ll eat.
  • Yoga Mat
  • Dumbbells / Weights
  • Country Heat Base Kit weight-loss program makes exercising fun, and it doesn’t require fitness equipment.
  • Venus Factor Diet relies on scientific findings to help you lose weight- no complicated workouts or gruesome diets included!
  • For an affordable price, you’ll get complete support and a detailed weight-loss program
  • It will help you lose weight and keep your curves and feminine figure at the same time.
  • If you’re not a die-hard country music fan, you’ll find the workouts tedious and boring
  • The dieting plan can be complicated- determining and calculating your daily rations, as well as measuring the food with the portion containers, is not that easy and requires a lot of meal prepping
  • It helps only if you need to lose a few pounds and tone up a bit, the results are not as impressive if you have more weight to lose
  • The exercises, although detailed and easy to follow, might not be as interesting as dancing to music
  • For a complete body transformation, and great results, you’ll have to go through full 12-weeks of the program

Autumn Calabrese Country Heat Base Kit vs Venus Factor: Verdict

If you love country music, it will be hard to resist losing weight with Autumn Calabrese’s Country Heat Base Kit, since the main part of the workout is burning calories with country hits. However, the diet plan is what most people find difficult with this weight-loss program- the portion container makes food preparation more complicated instead of effortless, and the constant counting and calculations are truly cumbersome.

If you just want to add some low-intensity workouts that target your problematic areas and some secret how-to’s and tricks that will help you combine food properly, and still have amazing results, The Venus Factor Diet is a better choice. This weight-loss program is designed in a smart way - with a scientific approach, losing weight became easy and straightforward, and the results stunning.

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