6 Magic Chiropractic Conditions that Attract New Patient Leads

Written by Ross Bryant

Marketing a healthcare practice is by no means an easy task. Heck, you’ve tried mailing letters, bobbles such as fridge magnets or gel ice packs handed out at local events, and even Groupon or other third party offer platforms—all with the hopes of seeing new patients walk through your doors.

But, nothing is working like you had expected. Your goals are crushed and you feel as if you’ve exhausted all your options—the well is about to run dry. And, I get it because we were once in those same shoes.

The key word being once. That’s because I finally figured out just the solution to up the patient numbers of your practice. Ready to hear what it is? Sure you are because you love to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Drumroll please…

Encapsulating what you do and say to patients in your office—think patient education—and putting it into an easy-to-consume message formatted for a special kind of webpage, to help you reach a specific audience who has yet to grab hold of your first-rate services. (This webpage is what is referred to as an advertorial.)

Now, you’re probably wondering how this works any better than what you’ve been trying. Am I right? Well, it does. And, you want to know why?

Because, when you speak to a specific audience about their personal struggle with a specific condition and how it’s affecting their life, what’s causing their struggle, as well as how you can help them combat it, you reel them in. You hit a nerve. You educate them. And, you build authority.

Now, these samples are specifically targeted towards chiropractic, but could be easily modified to any healthcare discipline, and with a little tweaking could be used to work in any service-oriented business.

The 6 Magic Chiropractic Conditions

While there are many conditions you, as a chiropractor, might focus on within your practice, I’ve found these six conditions generate the best results when they serve as the focus of your website.

The best way to reach that audience is to use a Facebook ad that leads users straight to that specially formatted webpage. Thus, pushing them all the way through a narrow sales funnel and into your office.

They’ll see the ad, land on your page, hit the call to action button to fill out the contact form, and you’ll get an alert in the office via email so you can call them and get them booked for your services. (More on this later)

First, let’s discuss the Six Magic Chiropractic Funnel Conditions you should add to your practice’s marketing toolbox.

*The audience information mentioned within each of these conditions is geared towards Facebook targeting.

Condition #1: Low Back Pain in Seniors

To attract this audience, focus on reaching women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your practice. Yes, this condition is geared towards seniors, but this age group can be those seniors’ family members. After all, they’re most likely the primary caretakers and healthcare managers.

Condition #2: Knee Pain in Seniors

When trying to reach this audience, we also focus on reaching women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your practice. Again, your mission is to get in front of the family’s primary caretakers and this is the ideal range to accomplish that.

Condition #3: Knee Pain in Athletes

Athletes are a target audience primed for chiropractors. Focus on reaching women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your practice. In addition, their demographics should include any of the following:

  • Parents with preteens (08-12 years)
  • Parents with teenagers (13-18 years)
  • Parents with adult children (18-26 years)

Condition #4: Low Back Pain in Athletes

This audience is similar to the one before. You want to know how you differentiate between them in your advertising? By using dynamic images that the audience can relate to (i.e. a young football player holding his back.) Focus on reaching women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your practice. And, again, their demographics should include any of the following:

  • Parents with preteens (08-12 years)
  • Parents with teenagers (13-18 years)
  • Parents with adult children (18-26 years)

Condition #5: Low Back Pain in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are also a perfect audience to target with your services. Focus on reaching women, ages 25-45, who are located within 25 miles of your practice. In addition, their purchase behavior should include baby products. And, their interests should include pregnancy.

Condition #6: Migraine Relief

This is a much broader target audience that could work on men and women. However, we get the best results when we focus on reaching women, ages 25-55, who are located within 25 miles of your practice. Also, their work industry should include any of the following:

  • Administrative Services
  • Education and Libraries
  • Government Employees (Global)
  • IT and Technical Services
  • Legal Services
  • Management
  • Sales

If you notice in the conditions above (and how they are targeted) they almost always target women between the mid 20 - mid 50 age ranges. At first glance that may seem super odd.

However, when you think about the breakdown of most families, you have to agree that the majority of the time it's the women in the household who get tasked with scheduling doctor appointments and coordinating care for not only their partners, but their children and their elderly parents as well. These ads dig deep into the family dynamic assuring that you do reach your target audience, and that they convert.

Are you starting to see the power of creating a webpage that puts all your insight and knowledge out into the world and packages it so that it attracts a specific audience?

I thought so. And, to help you get going on this, I’m about to share the must-have sections you need on your webpage to help push the leads from the ad on through the funnel and into your office—further illustrating the value this can bring to you. You ready? Let’s dig in…

7 Must Have Webpage Sections to Attract Clients

Remember, the ultimate goal of the Facebook ad is to simply get your targeted audience to click, which will then lead them to your webpage. That being said, this webpage is where you need to sell them on your services and nudge them into your office.

So, to do just that, it needs to include the following must-have sections (listed in the order they should appear):

  • Education—speak to the audience’s condition (ex. the frustration they feel when they’re unable to take part in life’s most enjoyable activities) and combat a top objection they might have when it comes to utilizing your services (ex. You’re thinking old age and back pain is all part of it! Yes, while age is a factor, there’s definitely something you can do about it.). Also, dish out a list of what could be causing their condition. This helps position you as an expert in your field.
  • Sales pitch—introduce a specific service or office protocol that helps alleviate the audience’s condition and share exactly how you’ve helped others who were in their same shoes. Again, this positions you as an expert/authority figure, showcases how you’re unlike your competitors, and that your office is right for them.
  • Your process—provide an inside look into the exact steps your audience can expect to take as soon as they feel you’re a fit to help them.
  • Testimonials—fork over social proof to back up your claims by utilizing testimonials from past and current patients. These can prove that you really do deliver on your promises and can truly solve your audience’s problems. (Video testimonials are even better!)
  • FAQ—answer key questions right off the bat to support your office in advance. This also helps you get more phone calls because it puts the prospective patient at ease.
  • About the doctor—include a photo of yourself as well as key facts so the audience can get to know you better. Plus, throw in a list of local organizations you belong to. It’ll illustrate that you’re active in the community and care about those around you.
  • Call to action button—simply place a call to action button (can be as basic as “Book an appointment with [insert your name] now”) to help push people through the funnel.

How to Save Time Setting Up These Funnels

Yep, let me guess… you probably don’t have the time to write up this webpage, run the Facebook ads, as well as manage it all. You’re extremely busy. After all, you’re an entrepreneur at heart and you’re trying to run a profitable business so that you can enjoy the life you’ve always wanted.

The good news is that you can hire someone to take all of this off of your plate. Most digital marketing agencies (especially those that specialize in Facebook advertising), are equipped to setup a simple lead generation funnel like discussed above in a matter of minutes, and manage them for a monthly fee.

Whether you take the time to set up the funnels yourself or decide to hire an agency to do all of it, you can't deny the power of using them to bring new clients into your office and should add them to your overall marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about how to setup these funnels for your chiropractic practice? I'd love to chat! And, if you give me a call on the number below I'll give you the key to unlock and see some of these injury-specific advertorials, and the ad-sets that go with them.

Meet Your Author: Ross Bryant

Ross Bryant, President of HealthBeat Online, has spent hundreds of hours studying and learning digital marketing over the past three years and is on the way to becoming one of the leading consultants in the local area.

If you'd like to learn more, or just have questions about something you'd like to do, give him a call at 240-848-0571, or drop him an email at rbryant@healthbeat.online, he'd love to hear from you!