HealthBeat Online and the Invisible Defender have come together as a team with a mission to fill a critical and strategic void for the larger healthcare community: the production and marketing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) urgently needed by all of us out and about during this time of need.

Products Available Now

Our two strap design can be worn around the head and neck, preventing ear chafes/burns from elastic. Straps are adjustable and can be tied and tightened to anyone’s preferred fit. They feature an adjustable nose that you can form to the contours of your face.

Individual units are available for $8.50 each, plus shipping, in quantities of 50 for reusable, washable masks.  Masks shipped 3-4 Days hours after order is confirmed.


Significantly better pricing is available in quantities of 500 units at $7.95 plus shipping. Many organizations are partnering with local businesses to help cover the minimums, and get the better pricing.

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Reusable Gowns Also Available, Click Here

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Call or text 240-848-0571 or email to

Who is the Invisible Defender?

The Invisible Defender is the marketing arm of the Domestic Medical Supply Coalition. The DMS Coalition is a strategic alliance of top CEOs in the country from domestic industries including; Healthcare Operations, Garment/Apparel, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Medical Supply, Finance, Banking, Food & Beverage, Sales, Textile Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Entertainment & Production, Data Processing, Web Development, Advertising, Electronics, and Insurance all committed to a rapid response strategy driven by their National Security Advisor & Government Coordinator. This group is working together around the clock to galvanize and renew our medical supply inventory through domestic production.

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