From the Desk of Ross Bryant

Written May 18th, 2017

Dear Friends, Ross Bryant here, and I'll be serving as your guide through our information. I have been involved with Healthcare and Healthcare IT for most of my career and have spent most of that time helping people find the resources to assist them with their problems.

So why do I do what I do?

I have been drawn to healthcare since I was a young child. After spending a portion of my earliest years in a hospital getting congenital heart problems fixed, I saw how the doctors, nurses, and staff cared about the people they served and the impact that the cost of healthcare had on families and their budgets.  This led me to want to contribute, to give back to people wherever I could.

After studying the healthcare field in school, serving as an emergency medical technician both in civilian and in military life, and now as a healthcare digital marketing specialist I have come to understand that people just want to enjoy their lives and their families, they want to lead normal lives and feel good while doing it, and finally, be able to do so without spending their money unwisely to do so.

So, what I wanted to do when I started this company, and thus this website, was to help healthcare providers solve the problems they face with marketing their practices, finding new ways and new technologies to drive business into those practices, thus give them the time and freedom to do what they've spent their lives preparing to do: taking care of people.

We believe we've developed a series of programs and services that will help do that. 

Of course, as we learn more, and find items of interest, we'll post them and we urge you to stop in often. I think you are really going to like what we have to say.  

Thank You.

Ross Bryant
HealthBeat Online

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