Top 5 Tips For Improving Your Cardiovascular Fitness  


Improving your cardiovascular fitness has numerous health benefits. It enhances the flow of blood around your body, boosts your endurance, protects against chronic disease and much more. In this article I’m going to help you enjoy all these benefits and more by providing you with five top tips for improving your cardio fitness.


Tip 1 – Take Up A Sport


Sports are a great way to boost your cardiovascular fitness for a number of reasons. They’re fun, they allow you to socialize with your friends and meet new friends and they generally have a regular schedule which ensures that you get consistent cardiovascular exercise. In addition to this, the nature of sports means that you’ll have periods where you’re working at maximum intensity and periods where you’re exercising at slower pace and this contrast gives your cardiovascular fitness a huge boost.


Tip 2 – Join A High Intensity Exercise Class


High intensity exercise classes are another excellent choice when it comes to boosting your cardiovascular fitness. The in-class instructor will ensure that you give it your all during the classes and don’t slack off. In addition to this, seeing other people in the group exercising at maximum intensity will motivate you to do the same. Plus, the weekly class schedule ensures that you’re working on your cardiovascular fitness regularly.


Tip 3 – Do Cardio Whenever You Can


While it’s a good idea to have scheduled cardiovascular activities such as exercise classes or sports in your routine, you should also look for opportunities during the day where you can spontaneously do some extra cardio.


Walking is probably the easiest way to fit extra cardio into your day and by taking the stairs or leaving the car at home, you can easily add lots of additional walking to your routine. However, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can go beyond walking and do sprints, jumping jacks, burpees or more whenever you have some time to spare.


Tip 4 – Do High Intensity Cardio Intervals


Whichever form of cardio you choose, you need to be incorporating high intensity intervals into your routine. High intensity intervals test your current cardiovascular fitness to its limits and strengthen your heart and lungs in the process which results in improved cardiovascular fitness every time you workout. Failing to exercise at a high intensity, doesn’t strengthen your heart and lungs in the same way and as a result, your cardiovascular fitness improves at a much slower rate.


Tip 5 – Be Consistent


The four tips above are all excellent ways to improve your cardiovascular fitness. However, if you’re not consistent with your cardio training, they’ll yield limited results. Therefore, to get them most out of these tips, make sure you’re doing some scheduled cardio training at least three times per week and incorporating spontaneous cardio exercises into your routine every day.




If you find yourself having to catch your breath after walking up the stairs or rushing to catch a bus, now is the time to give your cardiovascular fitness a kick. Simply implement the five top tips from this article and you’ll start to see your cardiovascular fitness rapidly increase and enjoy all its health benefits.

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