What We Do and How It Can Help You ...

HealthBeat Online specializes in delivering a series of digital marketing services designed to help you do what you do best ... taking care of your patients. We'll take over managing what they see about your practice online: from your listings in various internet search resources, to the postings in popular social media platforms, to making sure any reviews that are posted are managed and shared when appropriate, and even to driving new business into your practice so you can grow.

What about your website? You're covered there, too. Make an appointment to speak to a HealthBeat Online representative today. You'll be glad you did.

Reputation Management is defined as "managing what your patients see and say about your practice online." We call this your "Virtual Doorway" and it's made up of four pillars.  Making sure your practice is listed in all the places your patients look when searching for services like yours, that you have current reviews on your services so people will know you're there, that your practice is posting on popular social media sites, and that your website is up to date with current mobile-aware technology. Internet marketing can bring hundreds to thousands of people to your door. With proper planning, these people will be exposed to your business and some percentage of these will become new patients. Will You Be Ready? Reputation Management starts at $295 per month and we'll help you do it, or $495 a month, and we'll do it all.

Customer Re-Activation is managing one of the most important assets your practice has.  That's your existing patients. Have you reached out to them lately? HealthBeat Online will work with your team to craft a customer reactivation campaign of phone calls, email, and digital advertising to make sure your patients keep your practice "in mind" when making healthcare decisions for their family.  We'll write the scripts (with your help - no one knows your patients like you do), manage the calls and emails, and provide detailed reporting and success metrics. You just take care of the patients.

Several pricing options are available based on the number of providers in the practice and the desired volume of outbound calls. Packages start at $395 per month for 1500 outbound calls to your customer list and can be easily scaled for higher volume offices looking to grow.

Did you know that 80% of all your customers (new and existing) are searching for goods and services on the internet prior to making a buying decision? Wouldn't you rather they find you instead of your competition? With some careful planning to make sure we are target our message correctly, the same technology we use to target your existing customer base can be used to generate new business. What's the lifetime value (LTV) of a new customer to your practice? A lot, I'm sure. 

We'll help you design and acquire the contact lists based on the demographics you choose, and in the markets you choose. We'll write and record the scripts, provide call tracking and success metrics so you'll know if your investment is paying off; all the work is done for you. Packages start at $395 per month for 1500 outbound calls to your list and can be easily scaled for higher volume offices looking to grow.

So what about your website? Most of us have one. Have you updated it recently? So if Google is correct, and 80% of all searches are done via mobile devices, you not only do you have to have a website, it must be mobile-ready.  So as a healthcare provider, what do you need to do? Start creating a mobile website that looks presentable on any mobile device. HealthBeat Online can help. You want to increase ROI and acquire new patients? You have to put your website not only on people’s desktops, but must should appear on their smartphones as well.

Let's work together to update your website so that  the people you want to see it, can do so, and will want to reach out to you for your services. Packages vary based on services desired. Sign up for a free website analysis today.

Digital Advertising can sometimes feel like just throwing money down a hole. Unless you do it right. Our proprietary market targeting algorithms work to make sure only the customers you most want to see your ads, will see them.  No more freebie seekers, no more Groupons or other coupon-loving customers just there for the discount. Micro-targeted leads that you can get into your office and convert to repeat customers.

Facebook Advertising is only successful when properly targeted. Their market of potential customers is so large it's easy to beam advertising at customers that have no ability to come into your practice. Think about the last Facebook ad you clicked on ...why'd you do it? SOMETHING in the ad made you stop, disrupted your flow and scroll, and made you click. 

Work with a HealthBeat Online analyst to see if digital advertising on Facebook is right for you. Properly designed, the flow of traffic into your practice can be very impressive.

Reach out today and speak to a HealthBeat Online representative. Whether you choose a single program or a bundle of different services, we'll be there to help you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you soon.