Top 5 Tips For Boosting Your Flexibility

Flexibility training is something that gets neglected by many people. However, by improving your flexibility, you enhance your range of motion, reduce your risk of injury during exercise, keep your joints healthy and much more. That’s why in this article I’m going to be providing you with five top tips for boosting your flexibility. 

Senior couple runningTip 1 – Warm Up With 5 Minutes Of Cardio 

Warming your muscles up with cardio gets the blood flowing to the muscles, helps them to loosen up before you start your stretches and protects against injury. So before you start any stretching routine, make sure you perform a cardiovascular exercise of your choosing for five minutes at a relatively high intensity and focus on working up a sweat and raising your body’s temperature. 

Tip 2 – Be Consistent 

Like with all forms of exercise, consistency is key if you want to boost your flexibility. Since stretching takes less time than other forms of exercise, you want to be stretching at least once per day and ideally twice per day (once shortly after you wake up and once just before you go to bed) for maximum flexibility. consistency on black road sign

You also want to make sure you’re improving consistently when you stretch. If you’re stretching twice per day, you should be seeing visible improvement in your range of motion each week. If you’re not seeing these improvements, then you need to be stretching further during each session and pushing your current flexibility to its limits. 

Tip 3 – Stretch Your Entire Body 

Flexibility isn’t just about being able to touch your toes. True flexibility is about being able to bend and move all your muscles and joints comfortably and in conjunction with each other. Therefore, you need to make sure that your stretching routine incorporates exercises that stretch your arms, back, chest, legs and shoulders for optimal results. You’ll be able to find plenty of flexibility exercises for each of these body parts online, so if you’re not currently stretching them all, make some changes to your stretching routine today. 

Tip 4 – Don’t Over Stretch 

As mentioned in tip number two, you should be pushing your current flexibility to its limits every time you stretch. However, it’s important that you understand the difference between pushing your current flexibility to its limits and overstretching to avoid injury. Pushing your current flexibility to its limits will be slightly uncomfortable but it will be manageable and you’ll be able to hold the stretch for a long period of time. If it feels painful, then you’re overstretching and should stop right away. 

Tip 5 – Practice Both Dynamic & Static Stretches 

Dynamic stretches boost your flexibility through smooth, fluid motions. Static stretches boost your flexibility by holding the stretch in a fixed position for 30 seconds or more. Both types of stretches have their own unique benefits with dynamic stretches giving you functional flexibility and static stretches giving you long term flexibility. Therefore, to maximize your flexibility, make sure your stretching routine includes a mixture of dynamic and static stretches. 


If you follow these five top tips, you’ll notice your flexibility improve significantly over the next few weeks. So if you find that your current range of motion is having a negative effect on your workout routines and your quality of life, make sure you start implementing these tips as soon as possible and give your flexibility a much needed boost.

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