Using Yoga To Unblock the Chakras

Energy scheme of human bodyChakras are the energy centers located throughout the body; most agree there are seven major chakras located throughout the body that run in a straight line from head to toe. Ideally, we want all the chakras to be open and able to support us and provide the benefits. However, it is possible for the chakras to be blocked, which ultimately causes problems.

Yoga is one way we can unblock the chakras and restore peace and balance to ourselves. When our chakras are unblocked, we are fully able to understand our true selves and reap the benefits. There are certain yoga poses that are better at unblocking certain chakras than others; these will be outlined below.

Muladhara Chakra

One of the best poses for the muladhara chakra is the warrior pose. This pose gives you a solid connection to the earth and a strong foundation with your feet. This pose also stretches the hips and muscles so is beneficial in many other ways.

Svadhisthana Chakra

The bound angel pose is best to unblock the svadhisthana chakra; this pose opens the hips and pelvic muscles. This chakra is closely linked to the muladhara chakra, so this chakra can also benefit from this pose. By stretching these muscles, you can release tension in this chakra. Another pose that can effectively unblock this chakra is the goddess pose. This pose is particularly effective at unblocking the chakra and releasing creativity and emotional stability.

Manipura Chakra

The boat pose is highly effective at reducing tension in the manipura chakra. By activating the fire within the manipura chakra, you can reconnect with your center. This pose helps us to find our own personal power and improve our self-esteem. This pose can unblock the chakra and minimize the fears associated with the chakras such as fear of risk taking.

Anahata Chakra

We can open our heart center with poses such as the camel pose. By clearing this chakra, we can open our hearts; this enables us to both give and receive more love. By doing this, we restore Anahata and unblock the chakra. The camel pose helps to unblock the chakra, which enables us to be more compassionate, accepting, and warm to other people. By stimulating this chakra through yoga, we can become better people, repair previous hurt to the heart and more open to new relationships.


The throat chakra can be unblocked by poses such as the fish pose. By stretching our throats like this, we open the chakra and enable ourselves to speak our true mind. An alternative pose for this chakra is the supported Shoulder-stand. The pose helps to unblock the chakra and provides a solid grounding with the earth. We are then able to communicate our emotions in effective and productive ways.


The child’s pose connects our third eye to the floor, which is an effective way to unblock this chakra. This connection to the ground can help us become more familiar with our inner wisdom and enable us to access it more easily. Alternatively, the easy pose helps us to unblock the chakra and be better able to face the challenges life brings.


The headstand is the best pose to unblock the chakra at the top of our head. This chakra is the opening to our consciousness and by stimulating this area; we are able to connect to our higher self. Another pose that can help unblock this chakra is the corpse pose.This pose helps to unblock the chakra by lying on the ground. We are therefore better able to understand who we are beyond our physical presence and engage with the higher presence.

Doing yoga serves many purposes for the health of mind, body, and spirit. This ancient practice has been proven to have substantial health benefits by modern science, so don’t wait get started today!

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