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Video Lessons - Day One & Day Two

Video Lesson - Day Three & Day Four

Video Lesson - Day Five & Day Six

Video Lesson - Day Seven

Video Lesson - Day Eight

Video Lesson - Day Nine

Video Lesson - Day Ten & Eleven

Video Lessons - Day Twelve

By now you have begun to master a lot of the poses included in the Yoga 21 Day Challenge.  The videos from this point will mainly cover the new poses added each day. Please refer back to the earlier days, or to the book, as noted for a refresher should you need it.

Day Twelve uses a lot of the poses from Days One and Three.  Push Forward!

Video Lessons - Day Thirteen

Today is the day to pull together everything you’ve learned since the start of your 21-day challenge. Flip back in the book to page 41, or refer to the videos, if you need help remembering how to do the poses.

Video Lessons - Day Fourteen

Today we add some new seated poses and you begin to do more breath work.  You also get another sample of Kundalini yoga. Flip back in the book, or refer to the previous videos, if you need help remembering how to do the poses.

Video Lessons - Day Fifteen & Sixteen

As we move into Week Three, you learned most of the basic poses and have begun to develop your favorites as well as a list of those poses that aren't really your "cup o' tea." That's okay!

We now begin to assemble those poses into groups called the "Sun Salutations," mostly because people tend to get up a little earlier to do their yoga practice. This course focuses on the more slowly paced ones you would find with Kundalini or Vinyasa. Refer to page 47 in your book a sample listing of poses and the videos will help you with any new poses introduced.

Sun Salutation I

Video Lessons - Day Seventeen & Eighteen

Sun Salutation II

Page 49

Video Lessons - Day Nineteen & Twenty

Sun Salutation III

Page 51

Video Lessons - Day Twenty One
You Made It! How Do You Feel?

Today’s taste of Kundalini yoga is an adjustment set. It will be a little challenging in places but if you have been struggling with illness or musculoskeletal issues, or feel stuck in certain aspects of your life, this is a great kriya for body, mind and spirit.

See Page 56, No New Poses

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